Tuition and Fees


Fees and tuition are modest. The application fee for admission is $30.00 Tuition is $50 per unit, or $1,250 for the 25 unit Christian Ministry Certificate program. Auditors pay 50% of credit tuition costs. Graduates of the school pay no tuition fees for courses they choose to attend which they have already taken. 

Payment plans for tuition are available. Students can pay once per trimester, twice per trimester, or three times per trimester. Three payments will incur a $10.00 convenience fee.

A sample payment plan for one trimester looks like this:

Payment 1 (at registration) $133.00

Payment 2 $133.00

Payment 3 $143.00 (including convenience fee)

Total Paid: $409.00


All fees and tuition must be paid upon completion of the program. The deadline for a refund of tuition is the second week of each upon written request and formal withdrawal from the school.